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Ready to partner with a financial advisor who is genuinely invested in your unique story and life goals?

At Sparrow Wealth Management we empower people to take control of their financial lives and live authentically.

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We provide low-cost investment management and fee‑only financial planning services.

Based in Lake Nona, Florida, we harness the flexibility of virtual and remote technology to serve a diverse set of clients nationwide.

Whether you’re a business, established family, new couple, or someone who feels the finance world has made you invisible, we embrace inclusivity and respect across all walks of life.

Don’t put off fulfilling your financial peace any longer. Live a life of freedom.

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No Minimum Account Size for Investments

Lower Fees than Most Major Banks and Brokerage Firms

How is a fee-only financial advisor different?

Unlike commission and fee-based advisors, we do not accept compensation or financial incentives that bias our recommendations.

We act as a trusted fiduciary by putting your
best interests first.

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Important News & Updates

Quarterly Market Review – Q4 2023

For an in-depth look at the world capital market performance and a timeline of events during the past quarter, here is our Quarterly Market Review: ...

Client Letter – Q4 2023

During the past quarter, the best performing asset classes were U.S. small stocks, small value stocks, and real estate.  The following chart shows the 3-month, ...

Client Letter – Q3 2023

During the last quarter, the best performing asset classes were short-term bonds, international large stocks, and small value stocks.  The following chart shows the 3-month, ...