Should you move domiciles to pay lower taxes?

Tax planning involves searching for and taking advantage of legitimate opportunities for tax reduction. As clients seek to reduce their tax bite, a common question is, "Should I move to another state to reduce my taxes?" For those on the East Coast, the move might be from New Jersey to Florida. On the West Coast, Californians may consider moving to Nevada.

Tony Robbins promotes fiduciary model

Tony Robbins's book "MONEY: Master the Game" has met with mixed reviews. Some critics believe it is contradictory and confuses readers, while others believe Robbins's book moves the ball in the right direction. One thing is for certain, it is increasing inquiries to fiduciary financial advisors.

In The Community: French Toast and Finance

The Millenial Generation is rising strong. They are graduating high school, entering college, and changing the face of the workforce. Some have called them “entitled” and “high maintenance,” ...

A lesson, from Prince to you

The fight for Prince’s estate has begun. Prince Rogers Nelson, the artist known as Prince, died in his home on April 21, 2016. During his life, the musician sold 100 million albums, with the ...