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The ABCs of Money

This article provides financial tips on many topics, including saving, investing, Social Security, taxes, debt, budgeting, and more. Christopher M. Jones shares some strategies for tracking expenses ... Read More

Options Abound for College Savings

The fees and expenses built into Pennsylvania’s [529] plan are higher than some other states,” says Christopher M. Jones, “who likes low-expense index funds that aim to mimic popular stock indexes, such as the S&P 500.” ... Read More

Agere: Hold or Sell

“No matter how enthusiastic you are about the long-term prospects of Lucent or Agere, the most important rule for any investor is to be diversified,” says Christopher M. Jones ... Read More

Your Retirement Plan Needs Care and Feeding

A retirement plan should be updated every year as your “real-life scenarios change,” advises Christopher M. Jones ... Read More

‘Don’t Panic,’ Jobless Are Advised

Christopher M. Jones advises laid-off employees to only invest [their taxable asset] in “liquid investments,” such as money market funds ... Read More