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Minding Your Nest Egg

This article recommends that you do an annual checkup on your “financial well-being.” You’ll need to determine how much you will need for retirement and whether you are saving enough. Christopher M. Jones says that “you’re looking for educated guesses and ballpark numbers, not exact figures.” ... Read More

Couples Urged to Talk Money

“Christopher Jones reads all the reports saying money is a leading cause of divorce. He’s not buying it. It’s more the way people communicate about finances.” ... Read More

Global Healthcare

This article discusses the pros and cons of traveling abroad for medical care, which might save you 80% or more on an expensive medical procedure. Christopher M. Jones says that “it’s certainly something to keep in mind for any client faced with catastrophic medical costs.” ... Read More

Some Tips for Having the Gold for the Golden Years

This article provides some tips to “jump-start your retirement savings.” Christopher M. Jones recommends that you “try to diversify across tax-deferred and taxable accounts.” ... Read More

Budgets Can Benefit From Rules of Thumb

This article offers some rules of thumb that can “provide perspective about your money and give you ideas to restructure your spending and savings habits.” “Your budget should be based on your priorities, what you value,” advises Christopher M. Jones ... Read More