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Market Looks Good, But Beware of Debt in 2011

Christopher Jones of Sparrow Wealth Management in Easton agreed that the election that gave Republicans control of the House bodes well for the market. “Compromising on extending the Bush-era tax cuts and keeping tax rates low is a good thing,” he said. Given the economy, he said, “right now is not the right time to be raising taxes.” ... Read More

Leverage, Baby!

Most important, “there’s nothing inherently wrong with leverage,” or borrowed money, says Christopher Jones, a Las Vegas financial planner working with high-net-worth clients. For people with the capacity to take on debt, who understand it and can tolerate the risk, “now is an ideal time to leverage cheap dollars to buy into areas that can produce much higher returns over the longer term,” he says ... Read More

Financial Planner Keeps Lehigh Valley Ties

As he works to expand his business in Las Vegas, financial planner Christopher M. Jones maintains strong ties to his Pennsylvania client base ... Read More

Where do you go from here?

Kathleen Fifield asks “financial, economic, and property pros to tackle a bunch of real-world real estate scenarios.” Christopher M. Jones is quoted extensively on real estate questions ranging from flipping properties to renting versus buying ... Read More

Market Experts: Please Stay Calm

According to local financial advisors, “the worst time to make investment decisions” is following a stock market sell-off. Christopher M. Jones advises “investors to stay calm.” He says that the “people making money five years from now are the people who are buying shares today.” Mr. Jones also provides advice on asset allocation ... Read More