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7 Retirement Decisions That Affect the Rest of Your Life

Even a part-time job can allow you to draw down your savings more slowly. “For a lot of people, the definition of retirement is not ‘not working,’ but not doing what they don’t like and doing some kind of work that they love,” says Christopher Jones, a certified financial planner for Sparrow Wealth Management in Las Vegas ... Read More

10 Ways to Pay for Retirement

Savings accounts and CDs are a major source of retirement income for 14 percent of retirees. A quarter of workers are hoping these FDIC-insured accounts will help fund their retirement years, including about half (49 percent) of people in their 20s. “If you put all your money in fixed income or bonds or CDs, you are guaranteeing yourself very low returns that in many cases barely equal inflation. The majority of people need to grow their funds to at least outpace inflation,” Christopher Jones says ... Read More

Weigh Taxes When Picking a State to Retire

When it comes to choosing the best state in which to retire, some people look beyond traditional needs like nice weather and recreational opportunities. In some cases, the deciding factors are taxes and staying close to family and friends. For some clients, that means retiring to a neighboring state. Christopher Jones, who built his advisory firm, Sparrow Wealth Management, said he has helped about 70% of his clients retire ... Read More

Stalking the Next ‘Paranormal’ Blockbuster

There are various ways for investors to get involved with the independent film industry. However, investing in independent films is high-risk. “Such investments are best suited for people who have between $5 million and $10 million in net worth,” says Christopher Jones, a fee-only financial adviser in Las Vegas ... Read More

Stock Market Hits 12,000: What’s Next?

Christopher Jones, CFP of Sparrow Wealth Management, which has offices in Easton and New York, said confidence seems to be carrying the day. “There are things that have people concerned but overall the feelings of confidence are carrying the market forward.” ... Read More